About Me

My name is Sandhya, and I am from Sitamarhi, Bihar. Currently, I am living in Delhi with my husband and two kids. I have been a passionate cook for my early twenties. I love to cook our traditional Indian food, Chinese, and different fast foods as well. My passion is to experiment with various dishes to cook them my way.

After getting married and having kids, I was not able to devote time to cooking various different dishes, but now I am trying to stop giving this excuse to myself, and started trying out dishes and publishing their recipes on my newly created blog recipesbysandhya.com.

Everyone in my family including my husband, kids, brothers, loves the dishes I cook, and they always appreciate it and motivate me to do something in this area. That is the reason; I have started the blog and will be soon making the videos as well which I have started practicing already.
The most important thing is I enjoy cooking, and I can spend hours to cook various dishes. Now, I am trying to cook different dishes every day. Though I am good at cooking, there is so much of room for improvement which is going on as I am moving ahead on my cooking journey.

Lastly, I would like to thank all my family members because they have been very supportive and used to motivate me to start my cooking blogging journey.

My ultimate goal is to share the recipes which explain how we can make tasty dishes by simple methods. Also, I would be sharing how small tweaks can change the taste of dishes to even tastier than before.

Thank you so much for reading about me. Now, please visit recipesbysandhya.com

 – Sandhya