Privacy Policy is an educational blog where you find the recipes of various dishes be they Indian, continental, Chinese, or others. Our goal is to provide the best recipes which enable you to cool delicious dishes at your home at minimal cost.

Read our Privacy Policy Which gives you a good insight about how we use the information that we collect when you visit our website.

We Collect Your Information

We at collect some of your information to improve our blog in order to provide better content and user experience. We collect information through various ways that are mentioned below:

Email Subscription

When you opt for the email subscription, we use your email address to send the blog updates to your email. We are against using your email address for other purposes like sending promotional emails and all.  Therefore, rest assured, your email address is safe with us. We don’t sell email ids as well.


Every blog post has a comment section which you use to share your thoughts or question about specific posts. There you need to enter your name and email address. This way, we collect your email address which can be used to send you the notification when your comment gets replies.


A cookie is a part of the file which is stored on the user’s computer or the device you use to access our site, along with some information about you. However, we do not have any control over the cookies, and very limited information is collected with the help of cookies.

How do we use your information that you provide us?

Information which you provide us about yourself is basically used for better administration of the website. When you subscribe to our blog’s mailing list, we use your details to send the blog updates to you. When you ask any query using our site’s contact form or comments, we use your email to respond to your query.

The Information That We Collect From Cookies

To distinguish you from other users, uses cookies. Cookies give us information whether you are returning visitor or the first time visitor which help us the personalize the access with better speed. In some other cases, we may use cookies to prevent you from accessing unnecessary advertisements on our site to offer you the best user experience.

We at don’t save the information which we receive from the cookies. In fact, the cookies don’t allow us to access any of your personal information.

How we use your information?

We make sure that the information we collect from you is used to improve content quality of the blog, and also we can improve our selection of the topics tailored for our audience. The information that we collect about our users remains with us only, and we do not publicize or share this information with any third party for any monetary benefits.

For any query, do use our contact form to write to us